Agriculture drones provide a high-precision method for Geo-tagging aerial images. Research done by Massachusetts technology institute stated that applications for agricultural drones have skyrocketed to result in a market that is currently valued at more than 32 billion dollars. Drone technology is growing faster to keep in line with the growth of the global population, which is now projected to exceed nine billion people by the year 2050.

Dronitech is using their drones more revolutionary ways to reform and modernize the agricultural arena.

Crop Monitoring
For farmers monitoring of crops has been a problematic endeavor due to the navigating of vast swaths of land on foot. Our drone technology offers agricultural farmers a way to monitor crops in a highly efficient, low-risk way with precision imagery available 24/7 readily displaying problematic crop areas for the improvement.

Assessment of Crop Health
Assessing the overall health of crops is a fundamental component of agricultural endeavors. Our drones can be used in agriculture to gain real-time footage of the farmer’s fields to prevent costly losses and ensure the overall growth of their crops.

Analyses of Fields and Soil
Analyses of fields and soil are a very crucial thing for the crops. Our drones provide real-time and ultra-precise analysis that measures the overall health of the soil, planting patterns for irrigation needs.
Drones provide some amount of relief for works within agriculture by reducing human-powered crop planting and field monitoring along with increasing safety and health of workers.