The Drones have been providing aerial (drone) photography services since the early days of drone/UAV existence. Unlike other operators we only fly commercial drones which carry industry leading cameras to provide our clients with the best aerial photographs possible. We work with a range of businesses from large corporate companies, residential agents and surveying companies carrying out aerial inspections and drone surveys.

We benefit from having dual real time video downlinks to screens and a 2 persons team on the ground which significantly speeds up the time it takes to carry out this type of aerial photography work. We can fly our drones up to 400ft high and 500m away from where the pilot is standing which helps save time on projects whilst mitigating the risk associated with working at height. Our systems come equipped with various interchangeable lenses so we can offer flexibility in the shots we take depending on the brief.

We have worked on commercial drone photography jobs across the India, applications vary from promotional to verified views, inspection, surveys and CGI work.